A service designed exclusively for you, a no cost implant recycling program. A premium, shipping container with locking lids will be sent to you, free of charge. We will provide free shipping to our facility when the container is filled. And will provide you with clear shipping instructions to ensure that the freight is billed to us. (Larger quantities can easily be accommodated.)

Our company will weigh and inspect the material at our facility. Payment will be made in 30 days either to you or to your designated charity. All materials arriving at our facility are kept in a secure area, and ultimately melted to ensure complete destruction. Those materials will also be recycled by Implant Recycling LLC and be returned to positive uses in the form of new products.

Our in-house attorney has consulted with a leading industry legal expert to draft language regarding this issue that you may choose to adopt in your cremation agreements. We will be happy to provide you with this information or let you consult with our attorney free of charge if you have any legal questions or concerns regarding the laws in your state. Let us show you our “GREEN METHOD” of recycling that will ultimately benefit you, your customers and the environment.

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